Hello! Letzte Nacht hat Spaß gemacht. I never have people over since I am weird, however it was good to feel like I had peeps for a bit bit.

Then, there were Light Mudslides since I’m doing this new thing called “Mudslide Monday” instead of Margarita Monday. Manchmal. I utilized two Yasso Salted Carmel ice cream bars, some NuNaturals chocolate syrup, Kahlua as well as ice. Doooo it.
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I checked out a quote yesterday that truly talked to me,

“Change doesn’t begin in your actions. It starts in your thoughts.”


Whether you want to lose weight or run a marathon or end a connection or begin a new profession or purchase wonderful potato fries instead of regular…

it all starts with your thoughts.

Are you telling yourself positive things to get there?

Are you making a plan or are you discouraging yourself before you even get started?

Last week when I was getting a pedicure the woman said, “You workout a lot?” I was type of surprised, however stated “Yes, I run.”

She stated she might tell by my calves since they were extremely muscular. It was a great pointer that I requirement to believe about the positive things about my body. It’s not that I don’t appreciate my blessings, however I am not as quick to keep in mind the positive as I am the things I’d like to change.

It’s difficult to stop believing unfavorable thoughts – so instead flood your mind with positive ones. Don’t leave space for poor thoughts!

So, just like when you go on a diet plan as well as try to eat clean. I motivate you (and myself) to believe clean this week.

Be quick to believe positive thoughts when you look in the mirror.

Be grateful for all your progress.

Thank yourself for working out – whether it a great sweat session or not.

When you have a unfavorable thought, carefully push it out with a positive one.

Okay, perhaps Natalie Dee went a bit overboard keeping that one

And to end with my preferred change Tuesday for this week…



Impressive, no?

And this is from visitor Susan, since she understood I would like it.

Question: indeed or No – have you believed something positive about yourself today?

Do it best now!

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Teilen ist Kümmern!








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